Every year, thousands upon thousands of art collectors, enthusiasts and casual shoppers flock to Matlacha Island to visit me at Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens. Once here, they enjoy the art, enjoy a cold bottled water luxuriate in the botanical gardens. Some come to participate in a Vino’s Picasso painting class, where they make and take home their very own Lovegrove-inspired masterpiece. We’ve even won a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence because people love the unparalleled visitor experience we strive to ensure. But, frankly, the traffic takes a toll and it’s time for the gallery and gardens to receive a makeover. So we’ll be closed for the next several weeks. But we’re still available if you need art shipped to you, and we can’t wait to share the restored gallery space once it’s done. So visit this blog often and we’ll keep you informed or our progress. The time will pass faster than you think!