Leoma Lovegrove and her hit one-woman show My Studio was to a grand success at Broadway Palm The Matlacha Island phenom Leoma Lovegrove shared stories of her artistic adventures and the scores of interesting people, places and motifs she’s painted while she creating masterpieces on stage live to a medley of nostalgic tunes.

“If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a famous artist is like or if you’ve never seen Leoma create a painting live right before your very eyes, then make plans to attend My Studio! There were surprises to delight your senses and engage your imagination. Guests had to beware of the flying saucers, splattered paint and Lovegrove’s infamous confetti bazooka! “During the shows, I not only invite you into my studio, but my life as well – as I shared stories and paint live on stage to my favorite music,” Leoma proclaims.

Lovegrove is an impressionist painter known worldwide for her vibrant color palette and exuberant strokes – which she applies via brushes, squirt bottles and even her fingers and hands. The presidential library of George W. Bush, the private collections of actress Sharon Stone and actor Jesse Metcalf, and the permanent collections of Fort Myers, Lakeland, Florida Gulf Coast University and the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy in Sarasota proudly contain examples of her work. Because her paintings uniquely capture Southwest Florida’s active, healthy, water-based lifestyle, Bradenton-based Bealls Department Store made Lovegrove their Florida artist in residence several years ago. Today, millions of products ranging from designer casual wear to household goods, Tervis drinkware and beach towels and chairs bear Lovegrove’s signature style and trademark sunburst eyeglasses. In addition, scores of consumers make painting pilgrimages to Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens on sun-kissed Matlacha Island to purchase Lovegrove originals and prints and have her sign their tees, tops and visors. Her work has garnered rave reviews in numerous magazines and art publications, and her collectors become lifelong friends and enthusiastic fans.