So unless you live under a rock, you know by now that there’s going to be a total eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21. Well, it’s going to be total for people who are in the “path of totality,” which is a 70-mile-wide band that stretches from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Even if you aren’t in the path of totality, you’ll still see a portion of the sun eclipsed. In Southwest Florida, it will be about 75% of the sun that will be blocked out by the moon at around 2:53 p.m.

My husband, Mike, surprised me with a visit to Kentucky so that we can see the “Totality” of this awesome event. And to commemorate the occasion, I’m paint 100 river rocks from Upper Michigan to Ohio in honor of the Solar Eclipse. All of my Solar Rocks 2017 are numbered, signed and for sale. Each is an original but similar in design. They measure from 5 to 8 inches, an area as big or bigger than your fist. Each one is $25.00 and we will ship them to you for another $10.00. You can pick them up at the gallery in Matlacha after September 1. But they are ready to mail now if you can’t get to my Florida Gallery. Contact or call (leave message) 239-938-5655.

So for just $25.00 ($35.00 with shipping), you can become a part of my exclusive solar rock club. But act quickly. Only 82 rocks are left and at this price, they’re going, going, gone!