Most of us hate bills, especially large ones. But not toucans. Their large bills are legendary! In fact, in comparison to the size of their bodies, they have the largest bills of any bird on the planet.

Now you might think that a toucan’s bill is all about eating. And true, it does all the bird to reach hanging fruit and reach deep into holes to grab insects, reptiles and small animals. But their bill is like a dog’s panting tongue. It has arteries that help it stay cool in the tropical climates it typically inhabits.

Toucans acquired their name from the sound that they make. Their song often resembles frogs croaking. Other species of toucan have a variety of chirps, barks, growls, croaks, and even donkey-like braying as part of their songs. Toucans combine their vocal range with different taps and clicks from their bills. The females of the species tend to have higher vocal ranges than males.

To see toucans in the wild, you’d have to travel to the rain forests of Central and South American and certain islands in the Caribbean Sea. There are more than 40 species of these birds alive today. Some people keep toucans as pets, but I have a better suggestion instead. Get your toucan at Bealls. Several of my painted toucans are perched at Bealls right now. My toucans don’t require feeding and cleaning is as easy as popping them in your washing machine with your next load of colored clothing. So get yours today.

If you’d rather collect an original toucan acrylic or print, call the gallery. The number is 239-938-5655.