While many people still use guest books at weddings and similar events, I find them archaic, cold and impersonal. So I came up with a different idea for the opening reception of my Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center retrospective, Palettes: Past Present and Pursuits. I handed folks a silver Sharpie and asked them to autograph the long black coat I wore for the occasion.

The problem with guest books is that they have a way of getting shoved in a drawer and forgotten about. And when you think about it, that’s really a shame. But I can actually wear my long coat whenever I have a mind to. And if you made it to my retrospective, you might have noticed that I paint coats, heels and other articles of clothing for special events. I’ve even been known to cut up something I’ve worn on a special occasion and collaged them into one of my paintings.

So my wearable guest book could pop up in the future, either on my back on in another work of art.