In order to break the ice and establish rapport with my audience, I open each of my Paint Out Loud performances by tossing hand-painted plastic Chinet plates into the crowd. I make a total of 15 plates for each show. I keep one, and let fly the other 14.

Over the years, my “flying saucers” have become something of a collector’s item. People show up at events just to try and catch a plate. When they do, they have me autograph it. I’ve met some folks who have 3, 4 or more plates on their walls at home.

I displayed a collection of these flying saucers are display in Palettes: Past Present and Pursuit, a retrospective of my work that was exhibited at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center this past January.

Folks who took in the show were able to see the evidence that I’ve done quite a few Paint Out Loud performances. I’ve done more than 30 Paint Out Loud Flying Saucer tosses to date. The number grows every year.

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