For Flashback Friday, I’m recalling a story from high school.

I attended Merrillville High School in Merrillville, Indiana. My art teacher was impressed with my ability to throw clay on a wheel during art class, so he invited me to stay after school and create more pieces if I wanted. Naturally, I took him up on his offer.

The next day I was reprimanded because I used all the clay that was allotted for the entire year. It was a sight! Every window sill and table top was filled with my drying creations.

I was allowed to select six pieces, which were later displayed in a glass case in a hallway. The rest were melted back into the year’s supply.

When I went to collect them at the end of the month, I discovered that they had all been stolen. I wonder who got them. REWARD LOL.

Go Pirates! Go purples and white!

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