Hold on to your hats! Today is National Fajita Day, a day for celebrating life with a dish sizzling with savory Tex-Mex flavor!

Originally made from throwaway cuts of beef by Mexican vaqueros in Southwest Texas, the fajita was developed as a regional staple in the early 1930s.  Those cowboys cooked the steak over an open fire or grill and served it with flour or corn tortillas.  Fresh Pico de gallo, guacamole and southwestern spices elevated the fajita, introducing it to new audiences as it later became a destination food in the culinary world.

As their popularity grew, fajitas added colorful flair to Tex-Mex menus with sizzling platters full of brightly colored peppers, onions, tender steak, shrimp, chicken or pork with freshly made tortillas. By the 1980s, most Mexican restaurants in the United States served fajitas.

In the modern culinary kitchen, lime, cilantro and a plethora of vegetables find their way into a fajita along with the perfect seasonings.  Grilling with mesquite adds a smoky flavor and bacon adds crunch. Of course, who could forget the cheese? With their festive presentations, they continue to be enjoyed today. The fajita has come a long way from skirt steak trimmings!

But wait! It gets better. Oh, you could top off your fajitas with flan or fried ice cream. But August 18 is also National Ice Cream Pie Day. So finish off your food holiday with a refreshing frozen dessert that comes in many delicious flavors.

Just sayin’.