Here’s a painting I did that one of my Facebook followers named “Happy Dance.” Never heard of that before? Well, as the name indicates, it’s a dance that someone does when our excitement overflows into action. Sometimes, it is because we’re celebrating some accomplishment or victory. At other times, we may just feel entitled to give ourselves a pat on the back.Whatever the reason, there’s a need to express our emotions kinetically so we bust a couple of moves.

The most famous example of the happy dance is the one that Snoopy would do in the Peanuts cartoon at supper time. But the best thing about the happy dance is that it’s personal – everyone gets to develops our own unique set of moves.

Funny thing is that I’d actually named this painting “Rain Dance.” But maybe with Harvie, Irma and Maria, we’ve had enough rain for quite some time. I plan to do another version that I’ll call “Happy Dance.” Follow me here and on Facebook to see how it turns out.

Thanks to Anne Cunningham for her post.