A couple of posts ago, I told you that I’ve abandoned my studio in favor of painting on location. And I’ve developed mobile or portable paint boxes that I can transport to select locations using my car and even my bike. But I also have a travel trailer that I can haul behind the car during extended trips.

My mobile studio is a 14-foot vintage camper from the 1960s. My husband and I originally bought it so that we could travel with our parrot, Solomon. Over the years, however, I found myself spending more and more time using it as an art retreat so that I could keep creating while I was on vacation. Eventually, it became a full-fledged traveling studio.

My traveling art studio has been the subject of several magazine articles. The most recent appears in the July/August edition of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, which reprinted a story that first appeared in the Summer 2014 edition of its sister magazine, Studios, under the title of “Composition, Commitment & Color” which I wrote myself.

The author of the Cloth Paper Scissors article, Natalie Nettles, had been doing a series on creating art on the go. “But what if you want to take the idea of art-on-the-go a step further?” she writes. “Say, with a traveling art studio? Artist Leoma Lovegrove did just that. Leoma’s main art studio is located on Matlacha Island in Florida, but she also has a fantastic mobile studio that she uses to stay inspired and create her vivid, colorful paintings on the road.”

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the link to the story.