In previous posts, I described a number of paintings from my Florida Floats My Boat series. I actually completed that series back in 2016 and Bealls used those images for its current line of Lovegrove tees, tops, casual wear, home goods and beachware.

What I haven’t told you until now is that I completed this past March sixteen new paintings for Bealls. Images from this new series will be used in the products Bealls brings to market early in 2018.

I know you’d like me to release an image or two just to whet your appetite. And I may yet do that prior to the end of the year, but not today. I’m not just teasing you. I’m telling you this because it illustrates the amount of planning and lead time that’s involved in painting a series, preparing for a product release or getting ready for a major art exhibition. So many times, the work you see today was actually conceived and executed months, even years before.