Painting Out Loud is a term I coined to describe live performances in which I complete a multi-layered large-scale work of art on a museum-quality canvas before a live audience in as little as 15 minutes. The first such performance I ever did was for a church. I painted a powerful portrait of Jesus for a local congregation while organ music played over the loudspeakers for even greater inspiration.

Mark Haffner gave me some pointers about how to make my performances even more impactful. In case you haven’t met or heard about Mark, he’s a professional music production, marketing and branding guru. Based on his input, my present “Painting Out Loud” performances are now multi-media shows that feature splattered paint, glitter, lights, music and over-the-top special effects.

The Remember 9/11 Tenth Year painting of a soaring American eagle that now hangs in the library at Florida Gulf Coast University was created at just such a “Painting Out Loud” event. I rendered that one before a Standing Room Only crowd at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater to observe (not celebrate) the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

It was a time to honor heroes, so I pulled out all the stops. I arranged for Fox4 Morning Blend’s Carly Wegner to emcee the event, invited a choir to sing while I painted, and had firefighters and an honor guard on stage as well. It was an emotionally-charged event that neither I nor those who attended will ever forget, and I could not be more honored that the commemorative painting I made that day now hangs at FGCU, where it inspires a new generation of young people.

I typically do “Painting Out Loud” performances in connection with fundraisers, charitable events, conventions and corporate meetings. I have done several for Bealls Department Stores in order to promote my line of casual attire, sportswear, luggage and home goods. Follow me on Facebook or keep up with my blog. I’ll post notices of future “Painting Out Loud” performances in both places.